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How to transfer files from an iPhone app to the desktop

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

How do you transfer files from an iPhone app to a desktop machine? One would think this is easy. As it turns out, it is relatively easy but not very intuitive.

What you need to do is to locate the property list (.plist) file for your app in Xcode (it is typically found under Resources in the Groups & Files panel). The file is usually called Application-Info.plist (replace Application with whatever the name of your project is). Open the file in plain text mode and then append the following:


Now run your app on the iPhone. Then do a sync. Thereafter open iTunes, select the Apps tab, and scroll down. You will see a new section named File Sharing. You can use this section to transfer files generated by an iPhone app to your desktop machine. It will look something like this (click the thumbnail for a larger image):